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YouTube Poop (souvent appelé YTP ou Poop pour faire court) est un type de vidéo mashup réalisé en éditant sources médiatiques pré-existante aux fins de l'humour, de divertissement, de choc et/ou de la confusion.

Techniques Modifier

Dans un typique vidéo YouTube Poop, effets visuels et auditifs sont utilisés pour modifier le travaux sous-jacent. Ces vidéos peuvent raconter une histoire, tandis que d'autres suivent un narrative non linéaire ou ne contiennent pas de scénario du tout.[1] Alternativement, un YouTube Poop peut être constitué uniquement d'une vidéo existante répétée en boucle ralenti ou remixé.[2] In many cases, YouTube Poops utilize a bizarre sequence of elements that may, depending on the viewer, entertain or confuse.[1] Associate professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University Michael Wesch has defined YouTube Poop as "absurdist remixes that ape and mock the lowest technical and aesthetic standards of remix culture to comment on remix culture itself."[3]

Media sources of YouTube Poop may include television shows, movies, cartoons, commercials, video games, and other videos obtained from YouTube or elsewhere. There is no generally accepted limitation as to what kind of source material may be used for a YouTube Poop.[4] YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture notes that low-budget television shows such as The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, as well as cutscenes from video games for the Philips CD-i, popular movies, music videos, video games, and television shows including SpongeBob SquarePants, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Billy Mays, Michael Rosen, Gangnam Style, The Room, Regular Show, Team Fortress 2 and ChuckleVision, are frequently used as sources,[5] but as stated on the YouChewPoop website:

The fact of the matter is that many poopers can still use CD-i footage to great effect, but it has largely become a tired and old source in an environment in which the fresh and creative is highly treasured.[4]

YouTube Poop is often derivative in the sense that the work of one artist (or 'pooper') is frequently used as the underlying work for another video. Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, referred to this behavior as an example of "call & response" within a remix culture.[6] One consequence of this practice in the YTP community is aptly titled "YTP Tennis," an editing game which involves several iterations of edits of the same source video, back and forth between multiple artists.

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